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We offer complete armory services for all three weapons. We can also patch dead lames, repair body cords, etc. Please inquire for an estimate at the desk. When leaving your equipment for repair, remember to tell us specifically what's wrong and when you need it back.

Equipment Rental

Equipment is included for all first-time beginner group classes. Equipment rental for open fencing costs $30 for non-members (including floor fee), no fee for members. Brooklyn Fencing members may also arrange to rent equipment for on- or off-site competitions; please make arrangements at least a week in advance.

Locker Rental

Haul less equipment by keeping it at the club - locker rental costs $20/month for members, $25 for non-members. We also have smaller lockers (good for mask, glove, shoes but not weapons) available for $15/month.

Fencing Birthdays

In addition to our full range of individual and group fencing classes, armory services and competitions, we offer fencing birthday parties. It's a great way to create a birthday your child will never forget! Your child and his or her guests get their own 50-minute introduction to fencing with one of our coaches.

Generally our space is available for parties on Saturdays after 2:30 and on some Sundays. the cost is $400 for up to 10 children and $30 per child after that, up to 20 kids total. That includes a 50-minute fencing lesson for all the children and another hour for cake and presents, etc. We also provide tables, chairs, and trashcans. You're welcome to come early to decorate if you want to bring anything. We also offer the foam sabers the kids use during the lesson for sale as a popular party favor - those are $9 each, and must be ordered ahead of time (so be sure to let us know you want 'em).

For more information, please contact us. If you have dates in mind already, please include that in your e-mail.

Gift Certificates

Fencing lessons and equipment make a great present for all ages! You can give a gift certificate in any amount, but please feel free to ask for our recommendations - you can also gift a private lesson, a group class, etc. More info & purchase >

Open Bouting

Come join us for open fencing any time we're open. Floor fee is $30 for non-members, $45 with equipment rental. All participants must wear underarm protector, fencing pants, and long socks, and must be current USA Fencing members. This membership is separate from club membership and is required for insurance purposes; rates start at $10/year.

We also offer a special open bouting session for high school team members on Saturdays 2-4 pm, $5 floor fee. This is only available to fencers who are currently on the roster of a high school team; ask your coach to email us a roster or show us your current season listing on the PSAL website. Fencing pants and long socks are required.

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