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It's easy to jump into fencing at Brooklyn. Just check out our class schedule and see which beginner group works for your schedul, then sign up online. Spring semester began 1/2/14, but our mid-semester beginner groups are starting May 7. Or jump in with our Summer Fencing Camps.

Fencing is a unique sport, rich in history, that offers something for everyone! It challenges you mentally and physically in a way that few pastimes can. Not so keen on team sports? Fencing lets you shine on your own merits, and you'll still make new friends along the way. And if you're thinking college acceptances, fencing is great for filling out the resume (or even getting a little extra attention from some schools). Plus your seven-year-old can continue to enjoy fencing--even competition--till she's seventy-plus. Not too many sports can say that.

  • Confidence
  • Coordination
  • Commitment
  • Focus
  • Patience
  • Respect

And most of all, it's fun!
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Founded in 2003, Brooklyn Fencing is proud to be Brooklyn's oldest competitive fencing club. As seen on:


Just announced: mid-semester New Beginner groups starting May 7th for children and teens.

Summer 2014 camps schedule is now available - camp info & registration >

5/4 - May Foil Open

5/18 - May Youth Foil

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4/6 - Metro Div Nationals Foil Qualifiers

3/9 - Youth Foil

Good job, Brooklyn Fencers!

April NAC roundup: Rolando 3rd Vet40 MF and 8th Vet Combined MF; Wynne 13th Div II WF; Noe 13th Div II MF; Becca 16th Div I WF.

Go BkFC girls! At the FC C&Under on 3/30, Fedde was 1st, renewing C14; Wynne 2nd, renewing her D; Nadine took 3rd and Klarissa 5th.

Carlexa was 8th of 119 fencers in Junior WF at the Virginia Beach NAC on 1/18, earning an A14. Becca was 13th. Both earned junior national points.

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