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Tired of those boring stretches on the treadmill? Yoga too zen? Try fencing! It's a great workout that challenges your mind, too. And yes, adults can compete: there are even specific divisions for fencers 40-plus, 50s, 60s, and even 70s! Even if you choose not to compete, it's a sport you can enjoy your entire lifetime.

Our modular program allows adults to jump in at any time. Each week features a different set of basic principals taught across all beginner groups during that week; after six weeks, the rotation starts over. Use your five or ten-class punch card to come any day you like, skip a week if you need to, and attend more frequently or continue through as many full cycles (six weeks) as you feel you need to cement your fencing foundation. Our coaches are happy to advise you based on your goals and progress.


  • Tuesdays 7:30-8:30 pm
  • Thursdays 7:30-8:30 pm
  • Saturdays 9-10 am

Equipment is included for use during beginner groups; however we do strongly encourage fencers to buy their own mask and glove (about $70), which you can order at your first class. Your own mask and glove are required after the first 8-week session. There is a $40 annual registration fee.

What to wear:Beginners should wear sweatpants (not shorts or jeans) and exercise shoes.

Past experience? If you have had some past fencing experience and are starting up again after more than a year's break, we recommend signing up for the beginner group. The first couple of classes will get you reoriented to the basics, and then you can easily switch over to private lessons or the intermediate group once you feel caught up. If you prefer, we're happy to have a coach talk with you about your experience and recommend the best fit.

Adult groups are limited to 14 students.


First-time trial class $70, includes the annual registration fee of $40.

After the first class, all students must also join USA Fencing for insurance purposes; visit to sign up ahead of your first class or we can help you do it on-site. $10 non-competitive membership is fine to start (upgradeable to competitive in the same season). You will sign up for a one-time trial membership for the first class.

You have two ongoing tuition options:

Five-class punch card: $160

Ten-class punch card: $290

Come as often as you like, whichever day(s) you like; skip a week if you need to. 5-class cards expire two months from first use; 10-class cards expire three months from first use. Please come 15 minutes early for your first class to complete your registration paperwork etc. In addition, there is an annual registration fee of $40 payable the first day of class, $20 for members. If you prefer, pre-pay annual registration fee along with your tuition.

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That doesn't fit my schedule...

Private lessons are most likely your best option; one on one with a coach, private lessons are a good way of experiencing the sport that is flexible to your schedule. Generally private lessons may be scheduled any time we're open that is convenient for you, and will often mean your fencer advances faster than in group classes since each lesson is tailored to their individual growth. For more information or to schedule a lesson, please call us at 718.522.5822. Note there is a 24-hour cancellation policy for all private lessons.

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